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The Estimator is a unique tool designed to allow you to input parameters of an optic and adjust tolerances to get an estimated cost of your optic. This empowers optical engineers to find the best balance of performance versus cost by adjusting the manufacturing tolerances and evaluating the effect on cost. The Estimator is also available through the Zemax OpticStudio ISO Drawing. Once you are registered you can use the same credentials to login (see Cost Estimator in the OpticStudio System Explorer). There is a Knowledge Base article to help you get started.

The Estimator is limited in scope to optics within the following boundary conditions:

  • Optimax Preferred Glasses
  • Quantity 1 to 10
  • Diameters from 5 to 100 mm
  • Spheres/ Planos/ Even Asphere
  • Surfaces of R/1 or slower
  • Standard AR and reflective coatings

Cost estimates are based on a standard delivery. The full scope of capabilities at Optimax is much broader. For faster delivery and/or more challenging requirements, please contact a sales engineer at sales@optimaxsi.com

Please Note:

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